Club Charter

Club Charter To Its Members

Central Maine United has been created to offer as many players as possible a high quality soccer experience in winter and spring.

As the club is a joint venture between three local clubs it is critical that we are both transparent in our actions and accountable to our founding clubs and club members.

To do this we pledge to do the following:

  1. Hold regular board meetings. Any club member is welcome to attend a board meeting as an observer.
  2. Board meeting minutes will be available on the club website.
  3. Board members names and contact details will be posted on the website.
  4. Have a chain of command for club communications. The first step for any player or family is to consult with their coach. The coach can then either provide the answer or solution or feed the issue first to the vice president of their part of the club. The vice-president can then provide the solution or bring the matter to the next board meeting.
  5. If a club member prefers not to speak with the coach they can approach any board member with their question. This is on the understanding that the member may be referred back to their team coach for resolution.
  6. Have a director of coaching in place to select, train and consult with team coaches throughout the season.
  7. All club coaches and officials will live up to the SoccerMaine Code of Conduct.

In return club members have the following responsibilities:

  1. Treat all club officials with respect and be dignified in communications.
  2. Live up to the SoccerMaine Code of Conduct.
  3. Pay their subscriptions in time to be able to take the field for practice and games. .
  4. Abide by the chain of command outlined above (4.)
  5. Make their best effort to attend the annual general meeting and so hold the club and its officials to account in their actions.