CMU Travel

CMU Soccer Club Spring Travel Play Day!

Saturday, February 22 at All Pro Sports Center (161 West River Road, Waterville)

Please see the schedule below. If you have any questions about what session to attend, please let me know.

9:00-10:00 U9 & U10 Boys and Girls
10:00-11:00 U11 &U12 Boys and Girls
11:00-12:00 U13 &U14 Boys and Girls 

Please show up 15 min before your session to cleat-up, shin guards required. Session is only 1 hour, so please be ready to go when your time slot starts. Balls will be provided for all players. Please bring a water bottle.

Here are the age brackets so you know which session to attend:

Age Group       Born on/after this date Born on/before this date
Under 9          1-Aug-10        31-July-12
Under 10        1-Aug-09        31-July-10
Under 11        1-Aug-08        31-July-09
Under-12        1-Aug-07        31-Jul-08
Under-13        1-Aug-06        31-Jul-07
Under-14        1-Aug-05        31-Jul-06

All players must be registered to participate in the Play Day. Computers will be available to register at All Pro or you can register using the links provided below.  Register as either a new player or returning player for the 2020 season.
 Registration for Players with DOB 2006-2012 cost is  $110
 Any questions, please contact Kelly Michaud at


The CMU travel fee includes:

*1 Indoor Winter Play Day session at All Pro Sports Center February 22, 2020 

Players must be registered to participate! The Play Day schedule for each age group will be sent out to registered players.

 *1-2 Weekly Outdoor Training session starting mid-April at Thomas College soccer fields

 *6 Soccer Maine Pine Tree League or Maine State Premier League Schedule (high school)

 Uniform kit by Hummel is a separate cost for new players.


We only accept credit card payments online. There are 2 options:

-pay in full at registration 

-pay in 2 installments. 1/2 at registration and balance April 15


If you have any questions please contact:

 VP Travel: Kelly Michaud

 Director of Coaching: Gary Walker

Registrar: Mary Lou Warn