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January 4, 2021 


Dear CMU Families,

We hope that everyone had a great holiday season with your families.  I am sure that the kids are excited to get back to some soccer, I know that the coaches are eager to get back to work with the players as well.

On December 10th, 2020 – we emailed all families regarding our return to play and that we will continue to follow the Maine Community Sports guidelines, while making sure that our kids got back to playing soccer safely.  We have seen other Clubs across the State of Maine play soccer since the beginning of the winter season with no issues and have done it safely.  We are excited to approach a more normal soccer experience with our kids.

Today, January 4th, we take the next steps towards following the Maine Community Sports Guidelines which will take us up to Level 3 in the chart set up by the CDC.  An explanation of level 3 per the Maine CDC is below:

  • Level 3: Within-team competition (e.g. intra-squad scrimmages) or virtual competition with other teams.  This level of play involves interaction within one cohort of participants. (Updated 11/13/20)


As we move forward, towards following the states return to play guidelines, please see some important information below:

  • Cohorts will be recognized as teams within the club.
  • If a player is not comfortable with contact – please connect with your coach to make potential accommodations that may work for your child whilst attending the session.
  • It is vital that you monitor and screen your kids prior to sending them to sessions.  The All Pro staff will pre-screen the kids but do not send your kids to any sessions within 72 hours of any symptoms.
  • Masks will of course continue to be worn at all times.


We know that all of this is ever changing and we will continue to provide the safest soccer experience possible while following the Maine Community Guidelines.  Please reach out with any questions.


Ryan Loubier

Club President