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Spring newsletter

4 10 11

Greetings everyone from your club board,

All the players and coaches are now gearing up for some outdoor playing action at last and I thought I would give everyone an update on the club and its teams. Spring is our most important time of the year and I hope that you are all as equally excited as we are for the upcoming season.

This is our second season serving the players and parents of the travel soccer clubs in Central Maine. Last year we celebrated some real successes as well as overcoming some barriers to success. We pledged to learn from those experiences in order to enhance the experience for our club members for this season.

Player Numbers

Last year we had just under 300 players on 21 travel teams and two premier squads. This year we have a similar number of players on 16 travel teams and five premier squads. We have many returning players and a large number of new players too. We are down from six High School travel teams to only two this year so we have recruited just over 60 new players to the program. The club draws the majority of its players from the U-14 and below age groups.

Travel Soccer

In spring this is called Pine Tree soccer, for reasons that remain obscure. Last year our indoor training program was vastly oversubscribed. This year we attempted to rectify that which resulted in an indoor winter training program that was doubled in size. Each session was the result of close collaboration between the coaching staff and our director of coaching. This has gone much better than last year and next year should be further improved. We were able to cover this expansion in the program with only a small increase in player fees.

Premier Soccer

Premier soccer is a program that involves  winter and spring components. The winter program involves at least ten indoor training sessions and indoor league games as well as friendly games. The Spring program involves an outdoor league, a state championship tournament and at least one other tournament.
In addition to last years teams, U-12 girls and U-15 boys, we have added a U-12 boys, U-15 girls and U-19 girls team. These programs are also closely monitored by our director of coaching and his team of paid Premier coaches.
For anyone wishing to know more about this program please contact a board member.

Club fees

Despite the expansion in the program we have been able to hold fees down as much as we could. As I made clear last year, each part of the club is independent from the other. The Premier teams and the Travel teams are funded and run separately and one part of the club does not subsidize or support the other.

Annual Meeting

We were able to hold our first annual meeting late last Fall. I want to thank everyone who attended. Most club annual meeting attract the board members and a few parents. We were able to have a meeting at which over 50 parents attended. This ensures that the club members hold the board accountable. We hope to see you all again at our next annual meeting.

Coaching Director

Chris Hennesey continues to serve as our coaching director. He has given the club a commitment above and beyond our expectations. He has made himself, and will continue to make himself, personally available to all club members, players and coaches. He is a valuable source of information for all of us on all matters relating to soccer.

Coaching Staff

Our Travel soccer coaches deserve the highest praise and thanks from all of us. They serve as volunteers and in that capacity devote large amounts of their time to their teams and players. They are the first point of contact for nearly everyone involved in the club and in that role do all of us proud.
The Premier soccer coaches are recruited and then hired by the board and coaching director. For their higher level of experience and for the 8 months the Premier Soccer program runs they are recognized with a stipend and expenses.
The club is privileged to have assembled a formidable team of coaches for both the travel and premier programs. All our coaches are certified and many bring years of experience to the job as well as higher levels of certification. We are proud  to have them aboard. Our coaching staff in full are as follows:

Coach Team
Todd Smith U9 Boys
John Dol U10 Boys
Mike Falla U12 Boys
Scott Smith U13 Boys
Brad Lunt U14 Boys
Mike Falla HS Boys
Chris Pratt U10 Girls
Tim Firnkes U10 Girls
Adam Lowell U10 Girls
Chuck Calkins U11 Girls
David Elias U11 Girls
Alice Heinrich U12 Girls
Peter Beringer U12 Girls
Tony Cristan U14 Girls
Jeff Lovitz  HS Girls
Chris Hennessey   U12 Boys Premier
Kerry Serdjenian  U13 Girls Premier
Jon Christensen    U15 Girls Premier
Dwane Blomerth & Rich McCarthy  U16 Boys Premier
Jon Meek                U19 Girls Premier


After only one year we have managed to raise some additional funding. We hope to involve you all in further events as time evolves. We want to use the money to develop ways of reducing player fees and increasing the quality and value of all the programs that we offer.


Special thanks goes to board member, Terri Dufour for all her hard work on upgrading the site ( She has many other ideas and innovations she is working on. Please use the site as your main source of information on all club matters.

Club Apparel

We have been able to organize some club apparel. We have a variety of items available including sweatshirts, coaching shirts, players uniforms, tee shirts and baseball caps. If you or your player are interested in buying any of these items then please contact board member Terri Dufour, A second order is going to go in within the next week, so hurry with any late orders. It is unlikely a third order will go in.

At this exciting part of the soccer year I wish you all well for the upcoming outdoor seasons. The club board do an amazing job with the time they volunteer on all our behalf. They are constantly striving to find ways for the club to better serve its players, families and the game of soccer. They pledge to be approachable with any feedback you may have on the club and its functioning. Please do take the time to keep them abreast of everything the club does both good (we all love a bit of praise!) and bad (we can only improve by understanding what we need to work on). Their names and contact details are on the club website.

Yours in soccer,

Gavin Ducker