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Central Maine United

Spring newsletter

Greetings everyone from your club board,

All the players and coaches are now enjoying outdoor playing action!

You will see the All Pro Soccer staff at training and games as they review our structure on and off the field.

We care deeply about developing players and adding their expertise will help the club grow.

Our coaching staff have worked hard throughout the winter developing skills so now the players can put into the games what they have learnt at practice.

Coaching Staff

Our Travel soccer coaches deserve the highest praise and thanks from all of us. They serve as volunteers and in that capacity devote large amounts of their time to their teams and players. They are the first point of contact for nearly everyone involved in the club and in that role do all of us proud.
The Premier soccer coaches have been working all winter with our players. Many of our coaches have been taking further coaching education seminars and courses. Their new skills will certainly benefit the players!

The club is privileged to have assembled a formidable team of coaches for both the travel and premier programs.


Fundraising at the club is vital to maintain costs and provide new opportunities for our players.

We shall strive to use the money to develop ways of reducing player fees and increasing the quality and value of all the programs that we offer.

Club Apparel

We have been able to organize some club apparel. We have a variety of items available including sweatshirts, coaching shirts, players uniforms, tee shirts and baseball caps. If you or your player are interested in buying any of these items then please contact board member Terri Dufour, A second order is going to go in within the next week, so hurry with any late orders. It is unlikely a third order will go in.

At this exciting part of the soccer year I wish you all well for the upcoming outdoor seasons. The club board do an amazing job with the time they volunteer on all our behalf. They are constantly striving to find ways for the club to better serve its players, families and the game of soccer. They pledge to be approachable with any feedback you may have on the club and its functioning. Please do take the time to keep them abreast of everything the club does both good (we all love a bit of praise!) and bad (we can only improve by understanding what we need to work on). Their names and contact details are on the club website.

Yours in soccer,

Gavin Ducker