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Coach’s Corner


Housekeeping items
Fields – Our field coordinator for practices and games is Chris Phair, Please liase directly with him. It is vital that he know about home game requirements as soon as possible so that he can work with field availability and our referee assignor (see below) to get you and your team the best outcome.
Finances – Our treasurer is Dwane Blomerth, if you haven’t made contact with him yet then please do so and he will let you know of his requirements from you for this season regarding collecting team fees and paying team costs.
Player Uniforms – Board member Terri Dufour, has taken charge of this issue for us. If you haven’t already made contact with her then please do so. If she hasn’t heard from you she has probably guesstimated your requirements already as the condition to get the major discount on uniforms we negotiated we had to make one single order. Although it is optimal for each team to have at least one spare uniform we haven’t done that as the club is in start up mode and did not have the resources to pay for that. Our apologies for that inconvenience.
Referees – The club referee assignor is Garrett Shepherd with an organization this large we may have up to 19 home games a weekend in the unlikely event that all our teams were at home. So please make direct contact with him soon to find out his requirements from you. What should happen is that Chris will coordinate game day fields and make the games back to back in agreement with you. That will then make Garrett’s job all the easier to get top quality officials to take charge of our home games. If you all arrange games on multiple fields as single events the chances of getting the best officials becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible.
Coach Uniforms – We have ordered CMU coaches polos for all first year coaches.  For returning coaches, we have purchased CMU t-shirts.
Club newsletters – We will circulate newsletters to you on a regular basis from now on. The first one is attached to this message. We ask that you circulate them to all your players with a short covering note endorsing the contents with your own comments and observations.
Indoor training sessions – Are designed for both you and the players. If there are any coaching issues or needs that you have please attend any or all the sessions to share them with Gary Walker or Loz Dorman from All Pro. They are always willing to talk to you as well.  The All Pro staff will run the sessions to not only demonstrate drills to the players but with intention of instructing and helping you as well.
Registration – Players can’t participate in any club programs until they are covered by the soccermaine insurance scheme. To do that they must register. The link is on the website. Our registrar is Chuck Calkins,, and he can update you on which of your players have not registered as yet.
Tournaments – Participation in tournaments is not covered by the club fee. If you want to take the team to a tournament then get the agreement of your team parents first, so they understand how much extra that is going to cost them. Most tournaments are filling up fast and reaching their last application date so please act quickly on that.Thank you again for agreeing to participate in the program. It would all fall apart without you,


Coach Guidance
We have had a number of requests for players who are actively engaged in premier programs at other clubs to roster with CMU travel teams. We understand from Soccer Maine that a player can “dual-roster” on a premier team and a travel team, so this is within the rules. Having encountered a handful of requests, we felt that we should publish some guidance to coaches who may be fielding such questions.

We note that CMU encourages coaches to open practices to players who are from other teams/towns/clubs, but who may be interested in joining CMU in the future. However, when it comes to game time, travel players enjoy limited game time during the spring season, and we want to ensure that the principal mission of our travel club is fulfilled by creating a good playing experience for local players.

CMU Dual Roster Philosophy
We do not actively promote players being listed on both a premier and a travel roster. Overall, premier players tend to have significantly more playing opportunity than travel players, and having a premier player displace game-time from a travel player is typically not healthy for the team. Having a player who plays premier at another club displacing play time from a travel player is typically not healthy for the club as well.

However, there are some circumstances where it makes some sense to allow a player to dual-roster.

First, any player who has been training with another premier club but who is not added to that premier club’s playing roster for the spring is welcome to join a CMU team, if the team has roster space available. We will avoid bumping players for a player who chose to try-out and train elsewhere, but if there is room available, we should welcome them.

A player who is on the playing roster of a spring premier team may dual roster with a CMU team if that player is required to fill a roster. In the event that additional players are required to fill a team, the greatest benefit to all the players is to have adequate numbers of players to field a team at a quality consistent with the age-level they are playing. In this case, adding enough players to have adequate substitutes may improve the playing experience for all players.

CMU Dual Roster Policy
A player may dual roster on a CMU travel team with the permission of the travel coach for the respective team, and the CMU Board. Petitions to dual roster can be forwarded from a travel coach, or a parent to any CMU Board member.