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Board Members

CMU Board

President Gavin Ducker email
Vice President Travel Mike Falla email
Vice President Premier
Secretary Chris McPherson email
Treasurer Dwane Blomerth email
Director of Coaching
At large members
Eric Warn
Kelly McCullough email
Garrett Shepherd email
Registrar Jesse Wechsler email

Gavin Ducker MD, President 2009
Gavin is a proud Englishman. Gavin brings passion for soccer to the club from a country where it is the number one sport. Gavin has coached for a number of years both travel and premier soccer and holds the appropriate coaching badges to do so. Gavin and his wife, Edwina, have two sons playing in the program. Gavin lives in Winslow and had his Medical pratice is in Unity.

Gavin’s Contact Info: 207-873-5813 or